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Pooja Verma started her training as a beauty therapist and make up artist as a teenager and started helping her mother Rajni Verma in the family business of beauty salon.


In search of more intense and in-depth further knowledge in beauty she moved to London in 2005. Since then she trained as a qualified beauty therapist and started her career in some high profile premium beauty salon. Due to her vast knowledge and experience in grooming clients of all age groups she decided to move further.


In 2012, Pooja took her first step to the path of her dreams and started a brow bar named Navara


Started training with Rajni Verma as a beauty therapist since teenager.


Training in london for 2 years & worked in premium salons.


In 2005 setup in london - search for further in depth knowledge


Finally the dream is come true, started Navara Beauty in 2012


Since then we have grown and built a trusted brand and saloons in 4 locations

Story so far

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